Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency


Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency



Common signs and symptoms of AGHD include:

Decreased psychological well-being

Fatigue and lack of energy

Increased abdominal fat

High cholesterol

Decreased lean muscle

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This film produced by Novo Nordisk is to help raise awareness of a rare hormone disorder called Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. In the UK today, there are approximately 5000 undiagnosed people living with AGHD. To bring attention to this audience, the film explores the connection between a history of brain surgery, radiotherapy of the brain or a head trauma and the symptoms that are commonly experienced, which are often misinterpreted

Although it is a rare condition that affects approximately

The most common causes of AGHD are:

Brain surgery

Radiotherapy on the brain

Head trauma


Damage to parts of the brain due to tumours


AGHD which is present from birth (congenital AGHD) and is due to genetic mutations or structural issues in the brain